History Booklets

The History of

St John the Baptist
Parish Church


Grace Emery

(Updated July 2018)

Welcome to our parish church of St John the Baptist, Shedfield. We hope that you will find this little book interesting.

Like many books of this kind, it contains much information about the church building and less about the people of the church, except insofar as their ideas, gifts and memorials contribute to the beauty and interest of the church.

Thanks are due to Betty Daysh, Colin Abel, and the late Alan Emery for the photographs in this book.



collected by

Grace Emery

These reminiscences have been collected over the last thirty odd years and they are written now with the permission of the people whom they concern, some of whom are no longer with us. Obviously these are snippets of conversation and not literary works of art.

My contributors all have a connection with our parish of Shedfield. Some of them spoke with a broad Hampshire accent which in the main I have not written, but if you are a native of this parish or know it well you will, I think, hear them in your mind speaking as, in their childhood, they had heard their parents, grandparents and neighbours speak.

Grace Emery (circa 1985)