Because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, MU meetings are suspended until further notice.

The Mothers’ Union is a worldwide Christian organisation which has the support of families at its heart. Based on Christian principles, the MU works to support families and communities in the UK and around the world. MU members (and you don’t have to be a mother to join MU!) does this by supporting and promoting family life through prayer and love, worship and service.

The St John the Baptist Church branch of the Mothers’ Union was started over 125 years ago by the daughter of Mary Sumner, the MU’s founder.  The branch meets about once a month and, despite the name, is open to anybody, male, female, young, old, married, single, parent or childless.

For more information about events and how to get involved please contact the Parish Administrator (Chris Cannadine) on 01329 832162) and ‘like’ us on Facebook: St John the Baptist Church, Shedfield, Mothers’ Union.

Flowers in the Lady Chapel window to celebrate Mary Sumner Day 2020.